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Mbp doesnt boot anymore

I had an issue ith my macbook pro. It was showing just colours, no image. I thought it was a loose connection, so I opened the thing up, unplugged the battery, checked the connection and closed it back up.

Now the thing is completely dead... Wel... Not completely. The MagSafe led burns when I connect it, and the battery charges, if I may trust the battery indicators. Apart from that, it does nothing. I also noticed that, although the machine does not boot, the battery runs out in a few hours after having charged completely.

I tried the SMC reset ( it makes the led change from orange to green, and back again), the main board reset, short-circuiting the startup pins,... Nothing.

If you guys could help me out, it'd be great.



Btw: it's a 13" MBP model n° A1278

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when you try to power on does the sleep light come on? If so you might remove the memory and try to start up. I am no expert but I have read that bad memory will do this (power connector lit and sleep light on but no boot) If the memory is at fault (I read) it will beep beep. If it does the same thing the logic board is suspect. (I'm just parroting what I read today) :O)

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Nope, no sleep light. Apart from the MagSafe led, it seems to be dead...


The fact the battery drains implies you have something drawing power excessively. Did you correctly reconnect the battery? I would start by disconnecting the HD and then see if the system starts. You should get a question mark on your display as it can't fine a volume to boot from. Whats odd here is the symptom of the display would lead me to believe the logic board went. But, I wouldn't think the battery will discharge as you described.


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