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Not Kidding! What damage occurs when Mac Meets Chevrolet?

A tenant and friend of mine has asked me to check out her Mac Notebook which she had left on top of or next to her car and drove off not realizing doing so until reaching her destination. She's had it returned but it has sustained some damage by falling from the car to the ground or she run it over when she left the parking lot, she believes she run it over. The LCD screen has been internally shattered and not noticeable until you power it on and the back light illuminates the screen, actually looks pretty cool but not very functional. I've done what trouble shooting I can with what very little I know about Macs. What I'm seeking is someone that can help me out with some trouble shooting steps that I can use to help diagnose to what extent the actual damage is and if it can even be repaired if in fact it was run over. She can then decide whether or not it would be cost effective to repair this Mac or to just purchase another Mac all together.

The Mac is a 2008 year model A1181

The EMC # 2242

What I've done thus far:

1) I've connected the Mac to and external Monitor. Initially I had signal to the external monitor in the form of the Purple Galaxy Splash Screen along with the mouse pointer which could be moved with the mouse pad but the computer would not respond to anything besides moving the mouse around the screen.

2)Back trouble shooting today armed with a little bit more knowledge, with all things identical to the first trouble shooting effort I now get no signal at all to the external monitor. Triple checked cables, made sure the monitor was in HDMI input mode but still no signal. The monitor searches for the HDMI Signal then goes to sleep after a few minutes of not seeing the signal.

I went ahead and did the various types of safe boots

suggested to me anyway thinking maybe audibly I might detect something in the HDD activity but nothing to note. I did boot while holding down the shift key, boot holding down command and V key as well as command and S key with non of the boots changing the situation any that could be noted without a screen anyway. Each time it boots there is the normal audible sound, the fan kicks on, the HDD seems to be accessing or at least attempting to access information and the CD drive accepts, spins and ejects media as normally it would but again without a screen to see whats really going on I can't verify the CD drive is actually working properly or just spinning its wheels so to speak!! :-)

Any Ideas on what to do next would be greatly appreciated.



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Don't think there's much use trying to fix this system given it's age and what damage you state it has. A replacement would be cheaper (getting some money from the insurance coverage if possible).

I would take the system apart to savage the HD so any important data could be saved. You'll need to put the HD into an external case (USB or Firewire) to connect to the replacement system assuming the HD has not gotten damaged.

Your efforts into trying to repair this system may make efforts to salvage the data harder (if at all) as the disk may have a limited lifespan given the trauma it got. If there is nothing important than chip away, otherwise limit the amount of time this disk runs (in either this system or in the ext case).

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