The Kindle 3 was the 3rd generation of Kindle produced by Amazon. It can in a WI-FI or 3G configuration with 4 GB of internal storage.

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Why does my Kindle keep freezing and rebooting?

From all of a sudden, my Kindle 3 stopped reacting on inputs. When I then plug it into a power source, it will reboot sooner or later, just to freeze again after a few page turns. I tried the hard reset, deleted all files and reinstalled the software but none of that helped. It ran out of warranty, and Amazon CS was as lost as I am.

I think it might be a broken battery. But how can I tell?

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I have had some experience with a Kindle 3. It does sound like the battery is failing. The device is run by the battery. The USB port on the device will not operate it. Battery replacement is relatively simple. The back is has clips that hold in it place, and then a small Phillips screw driver will remove the battery. Don't loose the small washers.

The other issues I had with lock-up had to do with firmware and also making notes in books. Not all Kindle users reported problems with notes, but I was one that did. After I stopped using notes, and updated the firmware, the intermittent lock-up problem ceased.

Amazon sells a battery with an instruction video for around $30.00 with shipping.

This is the website for the firmware updated:

This is the website for the battery:

Good luck

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When I tried to recharge my Kindle last week, it blew the charger. Today, I finally replaced the battery. After charging the device for two hours, it reseted automatically. When I tried to use it then, it immediately froze again. I was able to install the 3.4 software update, however it still freezes after a few page turns. So the battery, the software and the screen are all fine but the issue is still the same. There's not much else to do here, I'm afraid.


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It looks like this may be the problem I am having. I am on the road and just finished a book. I was connecting to the hotel network and my Kindle just froze up. It has been that way for a week now.

I will replace the battery and see what I get. Thanks for the info.

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are you using an amazon cover?

most likely that's the cause of your problems

read this

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