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iMac will not start up

I dropped my EMC 2210 iMac, directly afterward it made a sound like a cd was skipping and the computer froze like it was loading something. So I manually turned it off and when I tried to turn it back on it would not even go to the log in screen. It turns on, makes the stsrting sound and then stays on a blue screen for a minute. Then a folder with a question mark blinks in the middle of the blue screen. I twill not go past this screen, it also continues to make the sound like a skipping cd. Does anyone know what's wrong and how I could fix it?

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The folder with the question marks means it can't find a system folder. Try starting up using your installation disk. Insert the disk and restart holding down the "C" key. If it starts, go the second screen and the pull down menu will appear. Go to Utilities - Disk utility and see if your hard drive appears. If it does run disk repair on it. Let me know your results and we can go from there.

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Thanks for the advice Mayer. I did what you said, but once I got to disk utility my hard drive did not appear. Whatever the problem is I think it's pretty serious.


Hopefully you have just got a loose connection. You will need to open it and check them. If no luck pull the hard drive and test it on another machine using an adapter or external enclosure.


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Hi Michael.

I have the same problem:

Flashing question mark folder on startup;

No hard drive shown in in disk utility when booted with the OSX installation disk.

Only I've never dropped this computer, but I have moved it around a lot using it as a DVD player.

The computer starts normally if it has been left alone for a half an hour or so, but once you switch it off it's screwed, and you're back to the wait.

The computer gets really hot on top of the screen, but it's some time after the aluminium cools before it will switch on normally- I'm not so sure anymore the two are related.

Anyway, when it does come on it works well to a point, but given any kind of workload (operating a couple of programs at once) it then just loses it, coloured pinwheels and all that crap.

The flashing folder thing started a couple of months ago, but the pinwheels and freezes during operation have started happening only recently, maybe a week or two, and now it's getting BAD!

The kind of bad where you've got about 50gig of personal stuff you actually want to keep, no external drive that works for mac, and the friggin' iMac can't copy stuff onto a big USB card fast enough: It says like, I'm gonna take 35 hours to do this @&@#, man! And then it punks out, cain't deliver the goods, ma neygro, you goe'nhaftacheell the !^$$ out, ya'll..!

Well, er.


This is driving me crazy- What do I do?

During normal ops the disk utility won't finish verifying the drive when it does appear, much less let me press that elusive "repair drive" button.

Anyone! Please Help! If you know anything, say something!


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If I try to answer you here it will get confusing as to whom I'm talking to. Please copy this into a new question so we can help you with more clarity. Thanks I'll delete this after I see your new post.


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