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Unable to remove display assembly



I previously attempted to replace shattered glass on my iPhone but stupidly went for the cheapest option I could and only replaced the glass. The digitizer that came on the glass is a little iffy so I suspected that the cable had popped up when closing the phone. I then tried to open it up again forgetting that I should have left the adhesive to properly set afterwards. In doing this the adhesive won't stick properly to the glass to when I try to open it it only pulls the glass off and not the full display assembly. Are there any options to open it up again?

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Jeff Stephens



I tried to reproduce your situation to see if I could remove the front panel assembly without using a suction cup. I was able to open the phone by prying in the narrow gap filled by the gasket between the metal bezel and the bottom edge of the front panel assembly. Plastic opening tools were not up to the task, but the pointed end of a metal spudger did the trick. An iSesamo would probably work well too. Any metal tool with a thin and flexible enough end might work but I would avoid knives or razor blades. These are brittle and may snap, flinging sharp nasty bits into your eyes. Use caution when poking and prying as there are tiny electronic components on the dock connector close to the bottom edge. The left edge of the photo for step 12 of this guide shows the components to avoid. Wear safety glasses and be aware that the front panel assembly edge gasket will be badly damaged.

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I was going to try this but thought that this would be too damaging and that replacement adhesive strips were cheaper that a metal spudger so i just lifted the glass and replaced those. Thanks for the advice anyway.

Jacob Wilding,

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