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24 intel I mac Froze!?

24" i intel mac erly 2008 3.06ghz + 4gig+ nvida GT 8800 video card (I bought it in June 2008. Never had a problem with him)

The problem: Operating system Froze/Stuck. I turned off and turned on but it is not caming up. Sent to the lab, they said the board should be replaced. I bought a board and installed all the accessories that exist on my board, but the problem remains.

I replaced the new memories. I tried to bring up a cleen operating system installed on an external disk + tried installation disk but all failed -agin, just can not get past the white screen!!

Apparently there is no connection between the cleen operating system / installation disk and the computer hardware.

What is strange is that I can bring up vista form the bootcamp (but do not play FHD video Properly.) - meaning, graphics card, is not dead!

What do you think is the reason of failure the ability to bring up the operating system - "mountain lion"?

(I checked all connections everything fine there).


If i am not wrong I also tried without peripherals and no change.

Although I do not care to try again ...

The question is, whether is there any chance that this problem is still coming from video card damaged? Or the power supply?

If so, what way to test it?

By the way, this is a phenomenon that happened to me twice on the windows

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Have you tried a safeboot to the external disk? I suspect a missing EFI update on that logic board or update to the external OS.


I DID tried a safeboot to the external disk WITH the shift key Pressed ( Is that what you mean?)!?

what is a EFI update, and what do i need to do Now to fix it?

(24" i intel mac erly 2008)

By the way, I removed the inner disk and tried to bring up the operating system installed on it When connected externally to another computer. - Disk / system came up without difficulty! - But I can not bring up the hardware on My Computer ....


I checked but didn't see one.


I want to bring up some more details about how things happen form the beginning.

I hope it might help with something to diagnose where exactly is the problem can be.

I was running the lion for some time. Suddenly one day the system froze for three times. and the third time it was not coming up anymore! - just cannot get past the white screen!!

At this point, I was sure it was related to the fact that the disk was filled to capacity....!

Took it to a lab...

At first Laboratory at my aria clime that there is a problem with the disk and further diagnostic that apparently the board is dead!

I bought a motherboard on eBay, replaced it myself but the problem remains.

I went to a friend who knows Mac, and somehow, he discovered there was a problem with one of the memories stick, and surprisingly he managed to bring up the operating system with a stick one! He made it through the recovery system - but, we still noticed a strange problem -resolution color screen that appeared funny here and there...

The next day I bought memory and the computer went back to work "as usual" - it was not quite normal, because the operating system was not coming up as fast as usual, but overall it functioned pretty normal.

At this point I thought maybe it would be good if I upgrade to the mountain lion. So that's what I did.

after that, That day I moved a large amount of data from three different Heard disks simultaneously and cross. I let the process go on all night alone. When I woke up next morning I saw the Computer froze and that was the picture


Did you ever find out a fix? My iMac is doing the exact same. I'm not sure if I should start my own topic or not. Thanks.


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Very surprising that yesterday you respond to this post I wrote three months ago...

Just yesterday, after six months I am trying to solve this problem, I finally recieved the new video card I ordered from Apple - through the lab in my area!

I put the card in just a few hours ago, and at this moment I am writing to you through my IMac that has return to life like new!!

Apparently it was a problem sweeping - on this video card specific!

I discovered this when I came across this page on eBay.

In my case, I decided to buy a new card - I found a lab that could get me one of those form Apple in a sane price - In return faulty card.

You can decide to repair/fix it or buy new - but all the details about the common problem you can read here.

Here I saved you six months of unnecessary suffering. Resume...! :)

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Too many variables, as I count them I see a questionable Hard Drive (that we still are using), upgraded OS 2x, different logic board, different RAM, 3 finder tasks at once.... the good news is you didn't pooch your WIndows Emulator.

Depending upon how, and what data from 3 drive you were moving you could have corrupt MBD, Updating OS's is always more risky than a clean install and I would advise it be the last thing done, to a known trouble free computer/disk. Many freeze problems happen from just upgrading the OS so after you upgrade boot it a few times and work a day or two before putting a lot of faith in it.

I think the way to proceed is to unplug any/all peripherals then boot your machine. Do a "recovery" or Safe boot, you want only the basic OS, fonts and extensions to load. If that goes well Verify your disk using Disk Utility, also repair permissions before going farther. Upgrade the OS (repair permissions and verify the disk after each upgrade) of course do all the updates - have that OS stress tested for a day or two before you start copying files. GO SLOW

Verify your external disks using Disk Utility or something more powerful like DiskWarior, TechTool, or DriveGenius. BEFORE YOU COPY FILES BACKUP THE ENTIRE WORKING HD - so you have a good known disk and OS to fall back on.

Copy from one external drive at a time... watch for file errors, you may have bad (corrupt) files you are trying to copy.

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