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Original post by: Alex Johnston ,


Backlight Not Working, Possibly From Humidity


I recently traded in my Ipod Nano 1st generation for a 6th generation one through Apple.  It worked great for a few weeks, no problems.  But one day the backlight randomly quit working.  I can still see the menu items and such on the screen, and everything works fine EXCEPT FOR THE BACKLIGHT.  I have to have it under a very bright light at just the right angle to be able to see anything that's on the screen.  I tried taking the screen off and disconnecting the cables and putting everything back together, but to no avail.  Still no backlight.  I also tried putting it in a bag of rice for about a month, because I had taken the Ipod into the bathroom with me when I showered once and left it on the counter, I believe it got some humidity damage.  Inside the headphone jack the circle that says if it was damaged by water is half orange half white, indicating it does have water damage.  Is my only solution to replace the entire screen?  I don't really have $70 laying around...any help is appreciated.


iPod Nano 6th Generation