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Original post by: Ben ,


I was having this same problem and after messing with it for a few days i finally got it to display a white screen.  Before this it would not power on, or be recognized with itunes.  I tried the hard reset and it did not work.  Tested it with itunes and with the white screen it was recognized.  Couldnt get the white screen to go away for the life of me.  Until i figured maybe the LCD was bad.  Exchanged the LCD for a different one and got the white screen AGAIN... hard reset worked this time (power button and home button til ipod reboots) and it booted up just fine.  I think the problem I had with the original no power was just not having a connection sealed all the way.  It looks and felt like they were but after taking apart and making sure all connections were snug it finally powered back on.  Try connecting it to a wall charge via A/C and see if you get a result doing that.