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Original post by: Toby ,


No LCD backlight on my MacBook Core 2 Duo


My MacBook's backlight doesnt work, i can see the screen when i hold it at an angle towards the light and it works perfectly when connected to an external monitor. The wierd thing is, that the backlight comes on for roughly two seconds when i power on the MacBook, but only the right half of the screen is lite up and there are about 6 different coloured vertical lines over the screen.

i did a tear down on the machine, i flexed and moved the inverter/data cable around, no change in the backlighting situation so i dont think it's any of the cabling. I also removed the inverter board at one point and the lcd screen was still on.. just no backlight of course. So i dont think it's a problem with the LCD or cabling.. but im not too sure. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Someone please help me solve this! email me at


MacBook Core 2 Duo