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Original post by: Dan ,


I can understand why people are angry with Apple's direction on making their systems harder to repair.

Being devils advocate here for a moment Apple has two things it needs to maintain: It's image of its devices as being reliable and having exceptional design.

Locking people out of their iPhones with peta-lobe screws prevents anyone to open the phone and inserting improper parts.

As an example, a few years ago Motorola had a run of cheap cellphone batts being sold as theirs. Three people where badly burn't when the batteries blew up. Apple has encountered a few cases them selves which forced them to seek ways to make it harder for just anyone to open their phones (due to law suits). Just to see the ramifications of going to court look at how McDonald's is now required to lower their hot drinks temp and having to put a warning on their cups of the drink being a burning hazard! due to a law suit which they lost!

As to the SATA connector temp sensor issue:

Steve's extreme nature pushed the design of both the iMac & iPad making them very difficult to open, in addition, Steve had a thing for fans. When his dreams could not be designed without them he had his designers use every trick in the book to minimize there need. With larger hotter HD's the designers could not get around the need for a fan.

While some had noted SMART services spec does offer a means to access a temp sensor within the HD it is not mandatory option within the HD by the spec. So Apple could not use the SMART services not knowing if someone would put in a HD that didn't have the needed sensor.  What to do? Apple started off with the external mounted sensor, but again some law suits with systems catching fire put Apple on the defensive. At which point they went with an custom HD which then forced the custom SATA connector.

Which is were we are today. So don't blame them completely here, as it's someones actions on selling a bad Li-ion battery or doing a crappy job repairing an iMac forced Apples actions.

FYI - I own a 27" iMac and I knew about Apples custom HD issue before I bought my system. Yes, I most likely will replace my HD myself when I have to. I'm hoping by that time Apples connector becomes part of the standard with HD's with built in temp sensors, only time will tell.