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Original post by: Ty the Tech Guy ,


Hi everyone! I'm checking this out, but it seems to me like they are using a thermistor, especially if jumping the 2 pins sends a "low temp" signal as I have read. THat means it needs to see a little resistance. Typically Apple has used transistors as temperature sensors, which is a cheap and very inaccurate way of doing it, but I guess "good enough". I think it would be much better to use thermistors. In this case I have tried a 5k thermistor in an iMac 2010. Admittedly it does have an SSD, but the fan is not revving and all temps seem OK even after having it on for about 12 hours doing work.

YMMV. Try at your own risk, IANAL, some restrictions may apply, see rules for details, Member FDIC, past performance may not be indicative of future results, part of this complete breakfast. Know what I mean, Vern?