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Original post by: Greg R ,


Our (much older) washer exhibited a similiar behavior a while ago.  midway through the wash cycle it would simply stop; no drain, no spin, nothing.  I replaced the timer, thinking it was bad, but that turned out to be a red herring.

The problem turned out to be a shorted out water inlet valve.  A water line leaked at some point, and  dripped down onto the valve assembly which shorted out the cold water side of the valve.  Whenever the machine asked for cold water, it wouldn't come.  So the machine would simply stop & wait until I manually pushed the timer past that spot to the final spin cycle.

So we were apparently washing all our clothes in hot water and not rinsing them for a few days... until I figured this out.

Not sure if that will be helpful...  but it's something to look at before throwing more parts at it.