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Original post by: assortedrubbish ,


Hi there.

First thing i'd say is a big noooo to WD-40  :(  it's not the right kind of lubricant for a drive like this.  The drive needs to have 90% precision at least to be able to work, and WD-40 evaporates fast leaving a coating but not a lubricating one.

On the drives I fix, i just use a small bit of standard vaseline gell on the shafts, just enough to be dragged along , but never too much so it cannot touch any other parts around (get that stuff on a DVD and it takes ages to get it back off lol).

The laser should not be capable of going past the end of a disc because of the length of possible travel on its shafts, but if it insist on just shooting off to the far edge,  it may need to have the spindle reset again in the right place - the logic board may be assuming the outer edge is not where it really is.

I don't have a 360 here to check it on, but I assume from others that you should detach the cable from the motor, turn the unit on so it thinks it's taken the head to the correct place, turn off, then refit the head all the way to the centre before refitting the cables  (this method works on some older drives i've refurbished and was essential).

Also, use a cleaning disc several times in the drive, or clean the lens cover manually if you're ok with doing that kind of work.  One i fixed last month would go nuts, smacking the laser to one edge just because of a thin layer of dust over the lens.

Good luck with it.