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Cleaning fans, other tasks to do?


My fans run much of the time now. Looking at iStat Pro, they're at 6190 each. The bottom gets extremely hot after awhile, and it's worse when using Boot Camp into Windows 7. I've decided it's time to clean the fans. After all, the machine is 40 months old and has been through a lot. I've looked at the guides for replacing fans, so I know what's involved to get there, and I'm comfortable with that. The fans seem to work fine (no noise, etc), they just run all the time. Are there any other tasks I should do while I have it disassembled or things I should check? I want to make sure I don't have to check or replace the heat sink if I don't need to. I was also thinking this was a good opportunity to install one of the OWC Data Doubler kits to ditch the Optical drive for a SSD. You know, since I have the computer open and all. :) Thoughts does that sound reasonable? Thanks, Evans


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