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John, some information about your job from [|here]" Park the Accord in front of a blank solid surface like a wall or garage door. Turn on the vehicle’s headlights and use a piece of tape to mark the center of each headlight beam on the wall. This will be the reference point for the headlights. Move the Accord 25 feet away from the wall. Pop open the hood and insert the Phillips screwdriver into one of the vertical adjusters under the hood. The vertical adjuster is a round cylinder situated behind each headlight, close to the radiator support. Inside each vertical adjuster is an adjustment screw used to raise or lower the headlights.

Turn on the headlights. The center of the headlight beams needs to be 2 inches above the spot marked on the wall. Turn the screw clockwise to lower the beams and counterclockwise to raise them. Once the center of the beam is in the correct position, close the hood." Hope this helps, good luck.