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Original post by: Christopher Koch


I've got a Galaxy S22+ and 5444 doesn't work and not does the Reta!l-9102. I've tried all the passwords I can find. I did notice something that really made me wonder about my new device and that was when I am looked up the IMEI it was all zeros. However it was loaded with Android 12 and just got a brand new security patch on July 22, 2022. So this tells me that I was tricked into purchasing a phone that is completely useless. Any advice?????? I'm not trying to be easy for the person or persons that beate fory money but most of all the company itself. The Samsung People say that the device has not been reported stolen by anybody in addition the people who seemingly own the device and the accompanying rights and responsibilities are Samsung's responsibilities due to the fact the demo mode was downloaded from Samsung s website directly with an address that would be the Holiday Inn in South Bay Plaza and so I would have to guess that this phone was originally sold in the areas Best Buy store which is located at the same st. Just different numbers. Ok am guessing that I have to contact Samsung directly.                     Best of Luck and any help would be greatly appreciated