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Original post by: Paull ,


I think theres a matter of Electrical Standards involved here. I dont know if USA wiring standards specify which connector in an AC outlet is Active and which is Neutral, but there is a hazard if the Active line is connected to what should be the Neutral contact and then an earth connection is made. I also know that newer outlets have 1 pin larger than the other, in theory to try to force observance of polarity, (YES, A/C current DOES have polarity)

Here in Australia, its easier with our angled slots, you cant plug an item in with the pins swapped unless it is deliberately done when the outlet is installed or the plug is put on the end of a cable.

Thats my take, you may be experiencing a neutral-to-earth leakage symptom, an ELCB would drop the circuit breaker real fast, but with reversed connections, it's anyone's game...