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Humor Therapy the UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME  error has a couple of possibilities. Something like:

* Corrupted system files.
* Damage HDD / RAM.
* BIOS  error or misconfigured
* Compromised recent Windows update.

What you do not want to do is to write anything to your HDD. The less you mess with it right now the greater the chances to recover your files. This will be depending on if the HDD has failed or if your partitioning messed things up. Personally I’d start with something like a bootable LINUX Distro disk/ Flashdrive and try to boot from there. Once I have an OS like Linux loaded try to access the HDD and see if your files are still there. If so, back them up to something more secure than your HDD (external HDD would be an option). If your drive is not accessible it is possible that this is a catastrophic failure and your files may be lost. It will all depend on what you find out during further troubleshooting. Let us know and users like @aactech are always willing to talk you through even the most difficult repair.