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Original post by: Shahram Mokhtari ,


Touchscreen not working after screen replacement


Looking for some help diagnosing a problem with a touchscreen display. I've been working on this one for months now and I'm ready to give up. [br]
I have an HP Envy 360 laptop, model number 13m-ag0002dx. Components appear to be cross compatible across some -agX models. Touchscreen was working until I replaced the screen. The new screen doesnt register the touchscreen at all. The old screen no longer registers touch controls either. I've now tried it out on 2 OEM screens and one aftermarket screen with no positive results. [br]
The driver in question is ELAN EzTouchFilter. Power state of the device is shown as D0 as described here:[br]
I have not been able to change the power state of the device. Touch is not responding in BIOS either. The laptop seems unable to find the physical device at all as far as I can tell.[br]
My current list of likely suspects are:[br]

# Windows/driver issue. Purely software and best case scenario. I reinstalled windows before replacing the screen and did not check to see if the digitiser still worked at the time.
# LCD cable torn/broken just enough to disable signals to the digitiser. No physical sign of damage present on the cables. There are 2 sets of ribbon cables that plug into the digitiser board, 1 from camera and 1 from LCD. Could be either carrying the signal but I would guess its the LCD cable.
# Incompatible screen/digitiser board but this would not explain why the original screen no longer responds.

Any help or advice would be highly appreciated.


HP Envy x360 13m-ag0002dx