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Original post by: Lex Zahv ,


iPhone 11 carrier unlocked but only accepts one network


I picked up a used iPhone 11, seller told me it’s network locked so I figured that can be fixed by getting in touch with the carrier. Long story short, in about (settings) it shows that there is no sim restrictions. Called the carrier and they told me that they don’t lock iPhones.

when I try to insert any other sim, the network registers but throws me a “No Service” error. Sometime it shows one bar for a brief moment and then reverts back to no service. [br]

its not a sim or hardware issue as the sims work in my XS and the 11 works perfectly on the one network. IMEI has not been blacklisted.[br]

NB. Screen was replaced but it shouldn’t affect anything

can anyone tell me what it is? Anyone experiencing the same issue


iPhone 11