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Original post by: Matt Schweizer ,


I got around to looking into this because the PTO stopped working altogether.

I tested resistance and continuity on the switch when open and closed.  Continuity was good.  Ohms were about 0.3-0.5.

I tested the clutch by hard wiring to the battery and it engaged, so I don’t believe it’s the clutch.

I then checked the volts in the wire harness where it connects to the clutch and it was reading 0 volts.  I thought it was safe to assume it was the switch since it should be 12v.  I received the switch today, and still nothing.

My next thought is to check the grounds or any other wires that could be damaged.  It just puzzles me that it was partially working a couple weeks ago and now it doesn’t work at all.  Any other ideas?

Thank you!