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Original post by: Mack ,


Probook G2 not switching on the normal way


Hi my laptop is not switching  on the normal way and its also not charging when its off. If you remove the battery and insert the charger it only shows lights on charger, power button, wifi and speaker. These lights just appear for 1 or 2 seconds when inserting charger also when inserting battery. So i managed to figure out how to switch it on  when the battery is half inserted. But u have to be quick so that when it flashed those lights when inserting the battery u switch it on. But on charger it doesnt switch on. When the battery is fully inserted it doesn't  switch on. If u switch on it works perfectly and it charges the battery. But u cant switch it on the normal way

I have tried to  press power button for 1min but it doesnt help. I also watched a video that was talking about falty keyboard, i tried to remove the keyboard  but it didn't  work. I tried changing RAMs, and changing  the charger but it didn't  help


HP ProBook 450 G2