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There could be a possible answer to it without contacting district if allowed maybe. This model tho unfortunately has a '''soldered storage''' drive in the motherboard itself. Meaning some cases you are able to unenroll with a removable storage device. Kinda like installing a new windows 10 kind of thing, for simple English terms.

Only solution I have found so far physically is purchase a motherboard swap but at that point if you gonna do that just buy a new laptop. Their really cheap chromebooks and I personally don’t like them.

I have tried all other solutions out there and the best way to fix is to throw it in trash, at the teachers face or email the school to unenroll if possible. I still think its possible maybe a special software to contact a chromebook to a computer to remove it eternally but I guess not. I’m still personally gonna look into this so I can watch twitch or youtube on it.