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Original post by: J Richmond ,


Trouble finding celing fan capacitor replacement


I have a ceiling fan that will only run on one speed. After some research and testing, I’m fairly certain I need to replace the capacitor. I’m just having a hard time finding a matching one.

I know just enough about electrical to ask questions before it gets dangerous, so sorry for any incorrect terminology…

The markings on the old capacitor say 350v and 4uf. I know the replacement can be higher than 350v if needed, but should be exactly 4uf.

The problem I’m running into is that the old one has 3 wires (1 red, 2 white), and all of the 3-wire capacitors I’ve found so far have 3 different colored wires with 2 different uf values.

I’m assuming the red wire is the input or hot wire and the 2 white wires are the output and share the same 4uf rating. If so, can I just get a 2-wire 350v 4uf capacitor and connect the single output wire to both of the fan’s white connections? If not, is there somewhere you recommend for finding a 3-wire 350v 4uf capacitor?


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