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Original post by: Sam ,


Prior to any parts replacement.

1. Fill each cavity of the dispenser with a high strength degreaser.

2. Run system clean.  Setting is at 6 O'clock position.

Repeat with CLR cleaner.

3. Fill each cavity of the dispenser the CLR cleaner.

4. Run system clean.  Setting is at 6 O'clock position.

Change how soap is placed in the machine.

1.  Add 1 cup of Borax to the tumbler only.

2   Run a few times with 1/3 of the load.


#  Does the washer run a few loads or at least get past the wash and stop with Error code before rinse ?

# Remove the top panel and locate the black tube in the back right side near the drain port .  Twist the sensor that is attached to the bracket about 1/4 turn to release.
# Hold the sensor while grasp the black rubber tube at the closest point on the sensor port and gently rotate the sensor while rotating the rubber tube until it breaks contact with sensor port and you are able to remove the tube from the sensor.
# Reattach the sensor to the washer frame.
# without pulling on the rubber tube, blow through it repetitively and strong bursts of air.T

I found that blowing through the tube each time after a clean helped solve most persistent issues after performing a clean.

Wet vacuum of the drain port while the pump is running is helpful as a first step.

* You may need several cycles of cleaning and vacuuming and blowing before you get to the point where you may wash your clothes more consistently.

BE PATIENT, just take your time to get past the clean cycles