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Original post by: EK EK ,


Ok. Finally found out what happened. Took quite a while to figure it out. So here it is Samsung dishwasher '''#DW80M2020US/AA-00'''   2020 year made. Relatively new just out of the 1 year warranty. After cycle water doesn’t drain completely and after a while tub filled with water again. Tested pump, cleaned a drain hoses, cleaned sump . Blow clean. Same issue.  Disassembled again and found they are not using an actual check valve anymore , they are using rubber flap which supposed to prevent water to go back in during pumping and after cycle over, it should hold water in the drain pipes not let sip it back in to the tub.  Unfortunately, this flap is glued to drain channel so only one way to fix it to buy whole sump. Called to Samsung support. They have been nice but part is no longer avail. And it is for 1 year old Dishwasher . So if I want to fix it I have to buy whole sump with valves and pump for about $400 plus it is back order on it. So it is no point of fixing it, just better to add some money and buy new dishwasher.