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Original post by: Mohammad Bittar ,


Ohhhhh. I am not the only pixel 4 xl unlucky owner.

1- encountered phone turning off if I twisted it a little bit. Take it to repair shop and I ordered battery and battery connector.

Received them and installed successfully .

It works perfectly.

2 -after 1 or 2 weeks rear camera stopped working.

Ordered new camera and take it to repair shop and successfully installed it.

3- after less than a month battery is dead stuck at fake 50% and phone is not charging and last 10 seconds if I unplugged the charger.

I hate google phones so much .i live outside US so rma is not possible.

I had pixel 2 xl , after 6 month touch screen stopped working. Ordered full lcd and touch screen but was not a success.

So I bought this crappy pixel 4 xl.