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Original post by: Logixal ,


typically when you spill ANYTHING on an electronic youd wanna remove power as quickly as possible.

leaving the water in the keyboard for it to continue to make its way to more important components could be a problem.

what you could try is pulling hte battery (if you havent already) and open it up completely and loook for any corrosion. if not then take some alcohol the high % the better and basically douse the entire PCB and let it dry. the alcohol will force the water out of nooks and crannies  so it can properly dry. and then reassemble.

HOPEFULLY this will help fix it.

if you dont feel comfortable doing this youll have to send it to a repair store to see what they can salvage.

tip for  next time which hopefully wont happen again.

if you spill something on an electronic IMMEDIATELY remove power from the device. whether it be pulling the batter or atleast turning it off.

do not put devices in riceā€¦. it wont help lol itll only get rice in areas you dont want it!

instead try some desiccant and or try leaving it by a heat vent in your house some where for a day or 2.

i hope this helps! good luck!