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Stuck on Circle with lightning after replacing the battery.


The battery in this Samsung A tab Sm-T290 Swell so i replaced the battery and Charge port.Now it"s stuck on the  Circle with lightning bolt.Have tried

1.unplugging the battery for 10min then plug it back in and  Disconnect the motherboard and charge for 2hrs.

2.Power on and hold Volume down.

3.holding the power   Button in for 2min.

4.power on and hold  vol Up.

5.power on and hold both vol up & down.

Can't seem to get into it to  Factory reset or anything like that.can get it to the Samsung  Galaxy A logo and no  For there then that.Anyone know a fix on dose the moutherboar/logists bord needs tobe replace.any help will be great thanks.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019)