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i have a dremel 4000, it cuts out very often, but more so if im using the flexicord, i have tried all the possible fixings people have put up here, and it still happens, if i leave it for 10 mins or so it works for 5 mins again, i get the fact it’s obviously over heating but for no reason,,, people have said its not designed to be used extensively,,, then whats the point of it being in existence, i had an older dremel for about ten years and it never had a problem, and that did much more work than my newer one, its just out of warranty, but i think ive got the answer, dremel have started to use sub standard parts, in england they use free visible wires while in the states they seem to have a closed section that clips into the back of the commutator housing, is there a difference in quality between the two, other than its easier to take apart and refit as opposed to the english part, as an example i used my old dremel to sand uprights in a set of bannisters, it was running solid for the two days it took to do the job, my newer one would now take a day to do half of a single upright,,, not impressed dremel, take note and solve these problems, or make the price more compatible to its ability,