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Original post by: Devnol ,


It appears that your console is parental locked. You can call Nintendo but that takes time so I’d suggest you use this procedure instead: [br]

- Go to settings and see if you can get the parental controls prompt to pop up[br]

- Choose forgot password on the bottom of the keyboard[br]

- In the security question, choose forgot again[br]

- Make a note of the Inquiry number[br]

- Go to[br]

- Choose 3DS[br]

- Put the current system date (in case it’s wrong or something[br]

- Leave Additional Data empty[br]

- Put the number you made a note of above in the Inquiry Number field and hit Go[br]

- Take the new number and put it on the number field on your 3DS[br]

- The console should now be unlocked, go to the parental controls menu and disable it fully.[br]


I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to report back (pictures of your screen are preferred so the community can understand better.