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Original post by: Timothy Ryan Gilbert ,


Help! MacBook Pro screen glitch!


Hi guys! So I had a broken LCD Macbook Pro Touchbar A1706 around 3 months ago,  and left it dead because it was quite pricy. Last week i recently changed them because i need them for work. But i got this problem where after around 2 hours i'm using them my screen goes like this. I asked the store where i replaced them (was not an official apple store because it's not available near my area) and they say that it was a machine error, not an lcd error. Can anyone help me what is wrong with my macbook? Thank you very much for the help.   *the photo below is taken when im minimizing my apps and it glitched that the app stays but a bit blurred, and it crashes with the display of other aplication.




MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Late 2016