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Original post by: jim ,


I have same problem BUT my clock is digital ( lcd display ) with alarm and 3 separate face displays on 3 sides. each has its own alarm -  model W734.06

When you first install the battery, for Germany you do NOT have to hold down  any button - for England hold down the + plus button - for France you hold down the - minus button, it takes approx 2-3 mins then alters the time and date, the date is correct. I have tried all three and get the same result = one hour fast !!! Anyone have any ideas, it was purchased in 1999 !!!! but has been running fine until I just installed a new battery - it was the original VARTA battery ( 20 years plus is not bad is it ) I have tried re-setting many times for days so am now running out of ideas - it would be a shame to bin it ! Sort that one out if you can :)

Any help really appreciated