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Original post by: James Gorman ,


iPhone 8 microphone inop after replacement


Last night, I replaced the battery and microphone/lightning port on my IPhone 8.  The battery had been having issues holding a charge, and people I talked to on it reported hearing static or general trouble understanding me while talking.  I didn’t have any significant issues with the removal/replacement, it just took a while to strip it down and build it back up.  The battery seems fine and is charging, but the microphone appears to be completely inoperative.  I called my dad to test it, but he couldn’t hear me at all.  I also tried recording a voice memo and can hear nothing.  I don’t THINK I messed up on the lightning connector assembly installation, but the only other possibilities I can see are that a) I DID mess it up, or b) the assembly I ordered was bad.  I’m pretty disheartened by the whole thing due to the amount of time it took to swap, and the possibility of having to reorder more parts/seals, plus my work “week” starts this afternoon and I won’t be able to commit any worthwhile time to it till Saturday/Sunday.  As of right now, I have a fairly expensive texting device.  /8P  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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