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Original post by: Walt ,


Thank you for answering,

Yeah, the problem was that I tried to jailbreak my htc ozone using PolarisUnlocker since It didn't accept any company from my country, everything was going well when all the suddent my ozone screen went black leaving the keys and the amber light on (the one that lights when you charge it), I thought all was part of the process but then my pc and the PolarisUnlocker software stopped recognizing my cell phone and the Polaris software gave me an error msg saying that step1 had been failed since there was no PDA connected to the pc... I left my htc plugged for a while and tryed to sync it to see if could get some connection, I unplugged and plugged the usb cable several times and nothing happened but the keys and the amber light were still on, at that point I panic and did the stuppidest thing, I removed the battery hopping to make a hardreset pressing keys VolUp+Send+On and... nope, that was not possible, and now my ozone doesn't give any vital signs, it doesn't charge and doesn't turn on in any way, the only time that the amber light turns on for a minute or so is when I plug the charger to the phone but the phone doesn't charge and the light turns off after the minute...  after my phone got bricked, I have taken it to two cell phones doctors and they both have said that somehow I have burned the motherboard.

And that's the story, I would really appreciate any help you can get me.