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'''''The Reboot, is not successful by either. Dock or not.'''''

Regardless of watch s3 Fronteir being still new unused and sold only now in 2020 and still having 12 month warranty, I don't want to send my personal data anywhere, thus can pulling the battery out for over a decent period of time and then putting it back, can this fire up a fresh and or successful reset startup? Has any one ever done this before having to give in and send it in. 1. Has it deleted personally owned data or better yet had it started like new again?

I happen to have a jewellers screw driver set that fits the Samsung Screws

So what if any luck might I have taking the battery out, say for a long period of time, to drain any back-up power reserves remaining. And I realise that many of you are well aware of where I'm coming from. And thus trust your previous experiences and your outcomes,  but am desperate for your findings.

So my S3 46mm and Galaxy Note10+5 are my combo, if this helps with your advise… Cheers