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Original post by: Henry Henry ,


AOL is extremely popular mail and it's liberal to use, offered by AOL. Now a day’s AOl may be a subsidiary of Verizon Communicational mail dubbed as AIM Mail. Here AIM stands for AOL instant messenger But Now a day’s AOL Users face lots app problems associated with AOL mail. they're disapproving about "'''''Why is My AOL mail Not working in Iphone'''''. Well we are here with helping you. Well allow us to start with our list of solutions which will assist you in resolving "[|'''''AOL mail ot working in Iphone''''']" issues.


'''Why is My AOL Mail Not Working in I-phone?'''


1.       Solutions- close up Airplane mode and switch on again.

2.       Solution - Reset Your network setting if you're not getting emails.

3.       Solutions- Remove the AOL Account and login again.

4.       Solutions- Fix '''''AOL Mail not working Properly in Iphone''''' because of IOS system Glitch

5.       Solution - Use AOL App rather than Mail App on iPhone

6.       Solution - Uninstall the AOL App and Reinstall the again.


These are manly problems for '''''AOL mail not working'''''. If you done these process. But your issues has not gone, Then you would like Assist. Finally You Contact the Developer for Helps.