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Original post by: heb132rs ,


My question is this; I didn't do anything with downloading programs, software etc. Was just playing Free Cell, to unwind, before bed. I fell asleep, and my tablet went to sleep mode, just like always. I woke up to the  green Android icon and the download message.  In trying to get it back to working, so I can follow the news, use You Tube, and general searches;  no intense gaming , no trying to install  ODIN! I play simple solitary card games, no heavy online gaming, so where did this trouble come from? Is it an, “Oops" left over from one of Samsung's upgrade, like the Lollipop upgrade that started chewing up everyone's battery life, a couple of years ago.  I think Samsung did something, trying to make the old 3 - 4G devices obsolete so we will all get the new 5G stuff.  Otherwise why are so many people having this same problem, at the same time? Smells fishy, to me! What do you, all think?