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Original post by: muzzum ,


Can I use freezing spray to help disconnect the psu connector?



My PS4 pro overheats when playing Call of duty within a minute and shuts down. I was hoping to use the ifixit guide for disassembling the PS4 pro to clean the fan and reapply the thermal paste but I ran into an issue.

The PSU connector on the board will not disconnect! Looking online it looks like alot of people have run into this issue and have completely ripped off the connector by applying too much force.




Because I was worried about breaking the connector I gave up on applying the thermal paste and just cleaned out the fan then reassembled the PS4 pro but it still overheats so I want to try again. Then I saw below that one user suggested (as a last resort) putting the PS4 pro in the freezer for 15 minutes before trying to disconnect the  connector.


While I don’t want to freeze the whole PS4 would it help to use electronics freezing spray on the PSU connector to make it shrink and easier to dislodge?  That’s my best guess at the moment though I’m curious if it’ll just make the connector brittle and snap.  If you have any other suggestions I would appreciate them.


PlayStation 4 Pro