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Original post by: Caroline ,


Wii making loud grinding sound and ejects disc


I have an old Wii (at least 12 years old) that I’ve occasionally had the same problem with. Strangely, it happened several months ago but not a couple months after that, and it had no problems yesterday but had this problem today.

When I insert a disc, it makes a very loud grinding sound and then ejects the disc after a few seconds. It then pulls the disc back in, makes the same loud grinding sound, and then ejects it again. There are NO error messages and this happens with all discs.

I’m guessing this is just a hardware issue regarding the disc drive, or maybe there’s stuff stuck in there. Does anyone know what I should be looking for if I end up taking it apart? Or should I just try to replace the disc drive? I have no experience with tech repair but I know there are some pretty good guides.

Alternatively, does anyone know if there are places that still repair Nintendo Wii?


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