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Original post by: Jess ,


I've been working at what I thought was a stripped screw in the right fan on my logic board (MB Pro A1150) for over two weeks now. I just got it out & discovered that the screw isn't stripped; the hole is. Anyway, I got it out by using my micro screwdriver as a lever under the tab of the fan that the screw was in & I pushed down on that until I had enough room to place a razor blade under the other side & then I began unscrewing the screw with the torx screwdriver while I held tension on those with the other hand, & it began to come up bc it used the razor blade as a thread. I have yet to be able to get the one on the other side out, but I was quite ecstatic to get this one out! I'll keep trying on the other side though so that I can finally change out the logic board since this is keeping me from doing so at the moment. Hope this helps someone.  ~Jess