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Original post by: JohnnyTestFan 3213 ,


Yes, it is possible to replace the black strip at the bottom! I’ve actually done it a few days ago and it’s fairly simple. First you need to have a source of heat and heat the bottom strip as it has adhesive on it to keep it stuck down. Once you’ve heated it a bit you need to find something to pry the strip up. You can use anything that’s thin enough to fit into the side of the strip to pull it up. I suggest starting from the corner as under the strip are a few ribbon cables for the display so be very careful! Once you’ve got one corner up just make sure to heat it up as you go along to make it a lot easier. Once you’ve got it completely off make sure you take out any remaining pieces or shards from the old strip. Then you’ll be good to place down your replacement! I hope these instructions were descriptive enough to guide you through the process :)!