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Original post by: Regan Crowe ,


What is the weird grinding Noise my Xbox is making?


So I bought a Xbox one S all digital edition a few months ago and it has been doing this of an on since I bought it, I’d say within a week. It makes a very high pitched grinding noise kind of like a cd or dvd is in there but sounds worse, sometimes it does this when it is on, sometimes this results in my console crashing. However the next time I try to turn it on it doesn’t work and it just makes that grinding noise. Other times it just randomly starts when I turn it on, when the grinding happens the Xbox light will blink on both my remote and console and eventually it will shut off. When it is behaving normally it will automatically turn on my TV but not when it is making the noise.  This is very frustrating thanks for any help you can give me.


Xbox One S All Digital Edition