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Original post by: Mraj ,


Before that, see the video below and know that Redmi Note 8 pro has both touch and heating issues. Check whether your phone also has these.


The problems on Redmi Note 8 Pro are touch issue and heating issue.


The first issue is the touch issue on Redmi Note 8 Pro, which I had noticed quite unexpectedly. Redmi Note 8 Pro display is sometimes unresponsive along the edges of the screen. I had thought that this touch problem would be a bug or defect on my device, but came to know that a lot of people have experienced this too. This might be due to the cheap quality touch digitalizer used by Xiaomi on this phone.


The second issue is the heating issue on Redmi Note 8 Pro. This phone was widely advertised by Xiaomi as a device with liquid cooling to prevent overheating of the phone. However, after playing PUBG mobile for a short while in an air-conditioned room, the phone started heating up. On testing, it showed a temperature up to 46 degree Celsius  !