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Original post by: Mathias Fadnes ,


No service on my iPhone


I recenty bought an almost unused iPhone 11 that had a screen issue. I changed the screen myself and everything seemed to work workperfectly when I assembled it together.

The only issue i’m having is that my iPhone keeps saying no service. it may have one dot for maybe 5 seconds when turning flight mode on/off or when I reboot the device, but after 10 seconds or so it says no service. In cellular settings I can confirm it is the right network, and it reads the sim. I get asked for the pin code when putting it in.

I have also tried another SIM card in my device and its still the same issue. I tried using my sim on my older phone, and it works in that device.

So i’m guessing it is a hardware issue or something like that. Please help! Thanks in advance.


iPhone 11