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Original post by: Vassilis Giannakopoulos ,


It boots, chimes, keyboard, fans, responding,



My favourite Macbook Pro 17-inch A1297 2011 model is powering on, with black screen. I tried resetting (CTRL,Shift,ALT,Power & CMD,ALT,P,R) many times, but nothing changed. I can hear Apple Logo chime, I can hear HDD working, as it is loading OS (High Sierra) , I can see keyboard backlight turning on/off depending of external lightning, but screen is totally black, no backlight at all (tried with a torch just in case). I connected external monitor (with tested adapter), but even after loading OSX nothing also to external display.  No water damage at all, I am the only user. Also have checked LVD connector, everything seems fine.

I know graphics issues for this model, board had replaced free from Apple repair center a few years ago (replacement due to graphics issue). I never had graphics problem, and was keeping always coolers clean.  Any help could be highly appreciated.


MacBook Pro 17" Unibody