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Hi @nowvoyager

As you have checked the power outlets, then without a red standby power light on the TV there is no option other than to disconnect the power from the TV and remove the back cover and to first check the power board for any problems.

There is a fuse and surge suppressor on the power board located near the power input connector. These would need to be checked first with a Ohmmeter to verify if they're OK or not. Also check for any obvious damage such as heat stressed components or bulging capacitors etc.

If these are OK then power would need to be applied to the TV and the 7.5V standby voltage signal sent from the power board to the mainboard needs to be checked if it is there or not. It is the mainboard that turns on the red standby light when it receives this signal.

If it is not there it is a power board problem. If it is OK then it may be a mainboard or mainboard/power board cable problem. Further testing would be required to determine where and what the problem is.

'''Be safety aware''' ''when working in the back of a TV as there is'' '''exposed lethal AC voltage''' ''on the power board when the power is connected.''