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Original post by: Felicia Johnson ,


Hello Lisa,

I have never had this problem myself, but found this information online. Sounds like it could be the same issue, although this is in the context of a lid that’s stuck open as opposed to stuck closed. Let me know if this helps!

“Sometimes after you unclog the needles and check the tubes just to make sure everything is alright, the top refuses to close.

You  look inside to find the metal tongue located behind the holder for  K-cups completely locked in and rigid. So much so that the bar responsible for sliding over that tongue into the groove refuses to  budge. And that means it becomes impossible for you to force the handle shut against all that pressure.

You obviously didn’t do anything to create this problem. So what can you do to fix it?

Remove your Keurig’s upper cover and the two screws. You might find a piece of  plastic keeping the mechanism from shutting. This has happened with a  lot of users, and nobody knows how the plastic piece got there in the  first place. Anyway, just remove it for your machine to open and close  like new.

But if there’s no such plastic  piece, then try this. Turn your Keurig upside down to drain out the  water for removing the screws. At this point, the cover should go down  on its own.”