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Original post by: Dan ,


1 - The best solution I can offer is first replacing the display assembly so you are back to square one! Then the next is to install a good thermal management app like [|TG Pro]

Using TG Pro to kick in sooner will help reducing the heat issue. You’ll want to monitor the thermal load making sure you don’t push the system too hard. Also keep the vent areas clear and clean the fans of the dust/dirt build up every so often.

As far as a recall I don’t see that happening not enough people are experiencing the issue yet and it’s people who push their systems hard that encounter the issue. Apple improved the cooling design in the 16” model so I’m thinking that’s how they see this as an out. Not sure if the 16” model is really any better as the displays design is the same!

2 - Once the parts have broken down you can’t undo the damage. As far as getting worse the more you cook it the more it will degrade (sorry). Keeping the system cool is about all you can do.

3 - An external monitor doesn’t effect the internal display. While the external will show a good image the internal won’t.