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Original post by: siddharth ,


only for acekard2i

Updated Your DSi to 1.4, Acekard 2i doesn’t work, A Guide to Fix It

Posted on : 28-09-2009 | By : Blueearthdigital | In : Uncategorized


So yep, you’ve updated your DSi to 1.4 and your Acekard 2i doen’t work. We can fix it. But be warned in the Highly, Highly, Highly Unlikely event of buggering up your Acekard 2i or the DS I will not be held responsible and proceed at own risk. If you do stuff it up I have One fix(from self experience).

1. Download this File, I did not create this file and I don’t know who did (Click Here) file from

2. Put these files on the Micro SD Card for your Acekard 2i.

3. If  you have already updated your DSi to 1.4, your going to need an Original DS or a DS Lite and put the Acekard 2i in that, If you haven’t just put it in your DSi

4. If your using a Original DS or DS Lite, Go to Acekard 2i and browse to where you put the Files, your going to need to open the one entitled “ak2ifw_update_14_DSL.nds”, If your using a DSi open the Acekard 2i and browse to where you put the files, open the titled “ak2ifw_update_14_DSi.nds”

5. It will tell you to re-instert The Acekard 2i, so do that, It should tell you to press B then so do that, then it should ask you to press start so do it, now it will be changing how the DSi will recognize the Acekard 2i, Now DO NOT PRESS THE POWER BUTTON OR YOU WILL BRICK THE Acekard 2i. After it finishes it should tell you to power off the DS. Now Your Acekard 2i had been fixed! YAY!!

Holy Crap I’ve Bricked My Acekard 2i by pressing The Power Button while it tells you not to. What do I do?

(Here’s the Solution)

1. Your going to need a DS Lite or Original DS with any Flash Cart.

2. Put the Update file called “ak2ifw_update_14_DSL.nds” on The Flash Cart of any Sort.

3. Open the Update file you put on your Flash Cart.

4. When it Tell’s you to re-insert the Acekard 2i, take out the Flash Cart and insert the Bricked Acekard 2i(with update file)

5. Then Follow the Steps

6. Once it’s finished you’ve Un-Bricked The Acekard2i